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Classification And Function Of Nail

1, the common round nails: nail wood. 2, nail: machine nailed, nailed wood (like staples as closely packed, but it was straight). 3, floor: floor special. 4, screw: surface rifling-like thread, but not to spin into the Widget, but tapping the nail with a hammer into, is mainly used for boxes and other large wooden structures with 5, ring nails: mainly used for Fiberboard, gypsum board panels. 6, concrete steel nails for concrete walls, the ground connection to the surface materials. 7, nail: bullet-driven into the concrete wall, and even into the cast iron use pin 8, soak nails: decorative nailing for soft bag fastening, such as sofas, made drums with nails. 9, nail staplers 10, horseback nails: (similar to the staple nail) used in corrugated boxes 11, straddle nail: wooden nails 12, cm nail-making: (a straight, 90 degree bends, but both ends are sharp) wooden screw 13, Spike: cross section is a square, used for shoes.

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