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Concrete Steel Nail Affect The Performance And Post-pouring The Performance

Differences in common bleeding and delayed bleeding mechanism of Concrete Steel Nail Ordinary bleeding: due to the heavy component of Concrete Steel Nail components in the settlement, the composition of the poor water retention performance, so that part of the mixed water is caused by the dispersion of the general Occur in a short time after the Concrete Steel Nail is poured. Strictly speaking, bleeding is a manifestation of segregation.

Lagging bleeding: the initial state of fresh Concrete Steel Nail is very good, itself has a good mobility, cohesion, plasticity, but after pouring 1 to 2 hours (or a long time), the Concrete Steel Nail appeared bleeding , This phenomenon is called "lagging bleeding."

The mechanism of normal bleeding and delayed bleeding is mainly different in time, there are other reasons for the formation of different, but the harm caused by Concrete Steel Nail similar.

(1) admixture side

The amount of blends used is not correct. In the Concrete Steel Nail production, the admixture is used as a composite admixture (main component: water reducing component, retarding component, air-entraining component, etc.) when the admixture content increases or takes into account the increase in Concrete Steel Nail loss In the process of coagulation, due to the difference in the proportion of Concrete Steel Nail components, under the action of gravity, the proportion of material is greater than the water slowly sink, the corresponding water is slowly rising, resulting in Concrete Steel Nail lagging bleeding.

In the mixing process, due to agitation of the mixing equipment is not enough to stir the admixture evenly, resulting in part of the admixture in the initial state did not play its due role, although the Concrete Steel Nail in the factory and pouring process its work is good, but with the time The part of the additive does not play a role in the reaction began to make the excess water in the Concrete Steel Nail slowly precipitated, resulting in Concrete Steel Nail lagging bleeding.

(2) cement

Cement is the most important component of Concrete Steel Nail, a number of cement technical indicators (such as condensation time, specific surface area, particle distribution, etc.) may affect the phenomenon of Concrete Steel Nail bleeding. Part of the Concrete Steel Nail company in some special time, the use of cement for the cement production of new production is not too stable cement, and the cement temperature is too high. At this time due to the production of cement due to the surface area of cement will be a greater volatility, its ability to absorb water also fluctuated, and the thickness of particles can not be filled with each other dense, can cause the lagging of Concrete Steel Nail production.

The adaptability of cement and admixture tends to give up the admixture of admixture and cement in order to meet the workability of Concrete Steel Nail, and increase the admixture content. In the subsequent Concrete Steel Nail hydration process, the excess admixture starts to make the Concrete Steel Nail The condensation time is prolonged, while more free water is precipitated. Can cause the Concrete Steel Nail to produce delayed bleeding.

(3) mineral admixtures

Because of the mineral admixture of Concrete Steel Nail early hydration process has a great impact, can significantly extend the Concrete Steel Nail coagulation time, and to a certain extent, also affect the work of Concrete Steel Nail and post-pouring the performance. Therefore, when the mineral admixture content is too large, it is likely to cause the Concrete Steel Nail to produce delayed bleeding.

(4) aggregate aspects

In the production process due to some reason the actual sand rate is lower than the mixing ratio of sand (such as sand, stone moisture content, sand stone rate); sand fineness modulus and stone grading unreasonable or the use of a single particle Gradation, may cause the Concrete Steel Nail to produce delayed bleeding.

(5) construction aspects

Concrete Steel Nail in the construction process for the construction unit to facilitate the construction of any increase in water to increase the amount of Concrete Steel Nail slump, can cause the Concrete Steel Nail lagging bleeding, while the Concrete Steel Nail vibrating method and Concrete Steel Nail pouring after the maintenance can also cause the phenomenon of lagging bleeding.