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Concrete Steel Nail Eliminate The Root Causes Of Cracks

Cracks are one of the unavoidable common diseases in Concrete Steel Nail and masonry structures. As there are many reasons for the emergence of fractures, there is no good way to suppress them so far. They can only be prevented before they occur or Is the emergence of cracks after the corresponding technology to repair it, today on the Concrete Steel Nail and masonry crack repair construction process for a simple interpretation.

We all know that architectural cracks in accordance with the form can be divided into static cracks, active cracks and the development of the cracks are still three categories, for the static cracks can be directly for its repair treatment, and for the development of cracks in the development of cracks is still necessary to take it Of the reinforcement measures to eliminate the root causes of cracks, making it a static crack in the repair construction.

Interface processing:

1, the original structure of the clean-up, dressing and support, first in the design of the request to remove the original components of the load, followed by the original structure should be removed on the construction of the pipeline and the line and other obstacles, and the original structure and reinforcement components deal with;

2, should remove the surface of the original components of the dust, floating slurry, dirt, grease and other pollutants, for the Concrete Steel Nail structure, should be removed its weathering, peeling, loose Concrete Steel Nail exposed new surface of the aggregate; for masonry components, Body structure hook mortar and loose, powdery masonry mortar layer, if necessary, to deal with the damaged parts of the local removal.

Crack treatment:

1, along the cracks to the cracks in the insert as a temporary mark of the nails or other signs, identify the distance from the fracture should ensure that the cracks after the grinding process can accurately find the location of the crack is appropriate. And then the cracks on both sides of the range of 100mm to polish until the exposed solid aggregate new surface;

2, when the design requirements along the cracks to ride the chisel groove, should be in accordance with the provisions of the construction section of the profile and size of the crossed, chisel groove, and chisel groove for finishing and cleaning.

After the completion of these two steps, the preparatory work of the crack repair project has been basically completed, then we should choose a reasonable reinforcement of the construction method to repair the cracks, commonly used reinforcement construction method is divided into pressure irrigation construction method, flexible seal construction method As well as three kinds of surface closure construction method.

When the use of pressure perfusion construction, should be based on the width of the crack, depth and internal conditions, the choice of low viscosity structural adhesive (card this crack glue) or grouting repair Concrete Steel Nail, masonry cracks, should pay attention to the following additional requirements:

1, when the Concrete Steel Nail or masonry horizontal components and vertical components, with a width of 0.05mm ~ 1.5mm, the depth does not exceed 300mm through or not through the crack cracks, should be fixed pressure injection construction, in general, The pressure should not be less than 0.2MPa;

2, the crack width is greater than 0.5mm and to meandering or larger components of Concrete Steel Nail deep cracks, should be used to control the pressure injection, the structural glue can be better to penetrate the cracks inside the repair;

3, when the larger cracks is due to the use of the corresponding grouting pressure to repair treatment.

Of course, the use of pressure infusion method of construction, the pressure perfusion device should be a reasonable installation and test pressure test. Note the mouth of the mouth of the machine should be arranged in accordance with the cracks, when the use of syringes when the injection of plastic injection nozzle spacing should be 100mm ~ 300mm; machine-controlled injection of plastic when the distance should be set to 300mm ~ 500mm, while the injection of plastic joints between the base surface of the seal should be used to seal the closure of the seal when the closure should be set in the cracks on the exhaust nozzle, in order to glue injection.

Followed by the sealant glue should be immediately after the curing test, along the direction of the closure of plastic brushing soap, and then from the injection of plastic into the compressed air pressure (pressure to take injection pressure value), observe whether there is leakage Phenomenon, if there is leakage should be used to seal the closure of the closure of treatment, until no longer leak phenomenon so far.