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Concrete Wall Nails /nails For Concrete Floors

Also known as nails to hot rolled low carbon wire rod cold drawn into a wire as raw materials, the nail machined and become.Strength is commonly 500 ~ 1300 mpa.Round specifications with the length and the screw rod diameter.There are standard and heavy.Length for 10 to 200 while NLM series, series of 0.9 ~ 0.9 mm in diameter.

Make a floor board is suitable for the nail head into wood, nails, furniture nails, wooden nail and so on.Hobnail, commonly used in construction engineering and nailed boxes, head flat, nail into the wood is easy to pull it up.Roofing nail, galvanized and passivation on the surface, colour and lustre is light, no rust, head of nail and nail riveting and into, is mainly used in the tail of a fixed.Riding nail, for fixed metal mesh, barbed wire, structure frame, etc.Triangle nail, is one of the types of special-shaped nails, nail bar in delta, nail, commonly known as the tail is mainly used for sofa, the structure of the tools such as fixed.Square screw, the screw rod is square, it is mainly used for screw fixation after mechanical rotating objects not easily, such as for wooden and Bridges.Masonry nail to nail into the cement, cement brick wall, components made of high carbon high quality carbon structural steel, has high strength and hardness, series of 19 ~ 102 mm in length, 2.5 ~ 5.5 mm in diameter.Nail is a kind of new steel nail, is one of them.Nail are generally nail, screw nail, perforated nail, nail, the nail and so on.Nail fastening technology is to use nail guns, nail and nail, will be fixed a fastening in different material (general concrete or steel) as the matrix.Suitable for a lot of parts using nail fastening technology, USES the nail for the important part of the fastening technology, typically through calculation in order to ensure safe and reliable.A threaded shoot nail on the head is actually the special purpose of nailed with ejection technology of screw, fixed end can add washer and nut and tighten.Nail as easy to use, safe and reliable, it is modern architecture commonly used steel nails, is developing rapidly at present, ten series of several hundred varieties.