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Galvanized Nails – Not All Are Created Equal


Galvanized Nails –Not All Are Created EqualGalvanizing refers to a coating of zincapplied to the surface of ferrous metalto impart corrosion resistance. Why isit called galvanizing? Believe it, or not, the electrochemical reaction between metals was inadvertently discovered by Italianphysician Luigi Galvani in 1772 during an experiment which ultimately showed that the

muscles of frogs’ legs twitched when exposed to electricity. Today,numerous methods exist for coatingiron and steel with zinc including electroplating, hot-dipping, mechanical plating, and metallizing (hotzinc spray). Galvanized roofing nails are typically produced by electroplating or hot-dipping, so for the purposes of this newsletter, wewill focus on these two methods.