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How Do You Order A Steel Peg From Dirt

How do you order a steel peg from dirt?

When the cement is of better quality:

1, should buy "coarse and short" cement nails, do not choose "thin and long" cement nails.

2, cement nail nail nails selected according to the length and diameter of the "nail", do not use common hammer hammer, that is to say "professional" nail hammer "on the fast, safe and efficient nail is very beneficial, rarely flying nail phenomenon.

3, nail cement nails need is "high impact force", that is: small hammer, high speed blow, and should avoid the big hammer high pressure, otherwise "bend" will not necessarily enter".

4., steel nails, hammers, pliers, directly hit the set

5. drill, steel nails, mortar, drill holes, put in nails, concrete seal

6., pouring concrete before the steel nails embedded in the pouring concrete

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