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Nail Types And The Corresponding Segmentation

Nails are being made of steel have been known by the general public, and specifically how to subdivide it? Today dingtai nail-making factory of machinery for investment clients. Of many kinds of nails. First of all, is a common round nails, common nails of steel raw materials into finished products used by, or round steel bar, there is also a scrap steel. These raw materials can be selected or 195# wire 235# wire. This wire is also used in screw. Second: the row of nails, steel nail, nails and bit the nail and steel nails are generally made of 45# carbon steel. While the nail is made of low-carbon steel wire, Q235 low carbon steel Q195 mainly used two kinds of models, in addition to this you can also use galvanized wire for processing. If made with stainless steel wire material for processing.