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Steel Hook With Light Weight, High Strength, Good Plastic Toughness

Steel Hook as a load-bearing structure, steel construction, due to the light weight, high strength, good plastic toughness, excellent seismic performance, high degree of industrial assembly, short construction period, comprehensive economic benefits, flexible structure, beautiful shape And so many advantages, which are increasingly widely used in industrial plants, urban rail (subway) depot depot, large shopping malls supermarkets, such as large span or large span of various types of buildings. And its construction process corresponds to the design of Steel Hook design, the need for the construction of large-scale reinforced concrete foundation or equipment for these buildings, buried Steel Hook (column) and reinforced concrete foundation linked structural bolts. Due to the large Steel Hook (the upper part of the faucet shape), the bolt is not easy to set the suspension, the Steel Hook installation quality is high, the steel house housing quotation, so the bonding bolt embedding precision becomes the key technology of the Steel Hook installation and construction.

Steel Hook is the future direction of development, the amount of soil construction will not calculate the amount of steel, but in the future if not, we must talk about their wages is not up. Steel Hook has been separated from the civil construction, and later the Steel Hook and Steel Hook in the construction process, are the first steel company to install the total package construction of concrete, so the connection will be slowly similar, Sometimes basically together, I can only say that I will do the amount of Steel Hook, offer not to mention, because my lack of experience.

1. The most basic is the amount of drawing is to see the drawings, civil people are tired of the Steel Hook of the paper is too messy, in fact, I have this view, because the law is not used in the above, the pattern also retains the principle of a pre-soil mapping, so As the old man to see more habits (101 figure set before the people), and later like me to see steel drawings really do not get used to, but there is no way, or to get used to, we know the trouble, but everything has a law , The details of the Steel Hook of the node is quite much, but these changes are really in the calculation of the time is quite small, it is important to grasp the direction of good, Steel Hook of the node map is quite scientific, and science by Force corresponds to. There are many that are repetitive or symmetrical. Seriously look will be seen. For the characteristics of the drawings, I will speak below

2. Calculate the weight, because the amount of Steel Hook is basically all tons (plate by M2). Steel + steel is steel. And steel multi-finger steel, for the classification of the amount of steel method, I will list one by one. And to explain.

3. Statistical summary, ha ha, such should be not difficult to list the basic, the classification of the sum of the.