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What Is A Concrete Nail?


A concrete nail is a type of mechanical fastener used to secure objects into masonry and other hard and brittle materials. Nailing into masonry requires the right type of nail, a good quality hammer, and some technique. Concrete nails are often used in building construction and in home improvement projects, such as finishing a basement. A concrete nail is a special fastener and is different than a common iron nail.

A concrete nail has a head on one end, and a cylindrical shaft that tapers to a sharp point at its other end, to help engage the nail by penetrating into the objects being fastened. The cylindrical portion of the nail is known as the shank. The head of a concrete nail, which has a round shape, provides a positive mechanical stop, and a surface for a hammer to be used to pound the nail into the material. Concrete nails are also available without a head.

The shank is what gives concrete nails a very firm holding strength. The shank is usually short, thick, and often ribbed to provide piercing and clenching strength. There are a variety of shank types available, including smooth, ring, twisted, and twilled. The ribbed shanks provide surfaces that help to grip the concrete and reduce the chances that the nail will loosen and come out over time.