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Which Strength Does Cement Nail Compare With Shoot Nail

Which strength does cement nail compare with shoot nail?

Cement nail, commonly known as steel nails, a nail, made of carbon steel production, made of 45 steel or 60 steel after annealing, wire drawing, nail making, quenching process, so relatively hard texture. Its function is to nail on some of the more hard nails can not nail on the object, because the material and ordinary nails are very different, is a special nail. Cement nail hardness large, thick and short, strong ability to create.

Cement nail nail rod has a slider, straight lines, twill, spiral, bamboo and other common, is straight lines or the slider.

According to the classification of different cement nail, can also be divided into black cement nail, blue color cement nail, cement nail, cement nail, countersunk head K cement nail, T cement nail, cement nail, galvanized.


Nails made of steel are often called steel studs. The use of gunpowder gas emission blanks produced as power into the building body called steel nails, nail. It is usually made up of a nail ring or plastic locating ring. The function of the ring gear and the plastic positioning clamp ring is to fix the nail body in the barrel of the nail gun, so as to avoid the side bias when firing.

The action of the nail is to push the nail into the matrix such as concrete or steel plate, so as to fasten the connection.

The material of the nail is generally made of 60# steel. After heat treatment, the core hardness of the finished product is HRC52-57. Can shoot through Q235 0.8mm-1.2mm steel plate.

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