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Small Bag Packaging

Small Bag Packaging

Technical Parameters

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Concrete Nail 

Concrete Nail Test 

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Concrete Nail Packaging

1. Normal packing: 100pcs/box, 25boxes/carton; 1kg/box, 25boxes/carton;Pallet

2. We can Design the packing box for you free

 Concrete Nail Shipping

1. Can bulk cargo shipped to Shanghai Port or Ningbo Port

2. Full container loading in factory

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Since 1994

Our factory is located in Hangzhou, near YIWU.

20 years focus on concrete nails,

Professional manufacturer in this field. 

Our production capacity is 500 tons per month.

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Having been dedicated to various small bag packaging manufacturing, RUNNAIL is well-known as one of the leading such manufacturers and suppliers in Yiwu and Linyi China. Besides, our products is not sold at high price. Just come and buy cheap products with our factory.

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